Font install issues: After some research, I found out that the .fam font file that I got from (Bengali news site) should is a suitcase containing 2 types of font files to be installed. However when I click the file it takes me to font book, when I try to install it, I can't. If it's a suitcase, which I'm assuming means container, how do I go about opening it?

Second problem - IE5: I realize that IE5 for Mac (and PC for that matter) is quite outdated so I should avoid it. There is one site that refuses to work correctly unless it's IE for PC. I tried IE5 for Mac and it worked, sort of. See, when I opened the site, it was fine, except the page kept flashing. I couldn't get it to stop. So I just quit IE5. If possible, I'd love to stay away from any emulation. One of the reasons I got this 20" iMac G5 was for simplicity, because I'm new to OS X, everything seems like a nightmare - although, a very pretty one!