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    Missing utilities
    I use MacOSX 10.4.3 (Tiger) on my 17 inch 1.33Ghz powerbook and the weirdest weirdest thing happened. After i did some upgrades everything in my utilities folder disappeared. It's empty except a administrator ODBC file and ipod update file. Now i wasn't aware of this until i tried installing some applications and it asked me to choose a program to open the pkg file.

    Anyway my MacOSX Cd's are at a friends house and she's in singapore so i was wondering if somebody can copy the utilities folder compress it and send it to my email (only if you have tiger 10.4.3) or a link to the utilities folder you've uploaded.

    And does anybody know why this happened?

    It's happened to someone else as well which is plain weird.


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    so i assume nobody can help me?

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    don't worry. A friend sent it to me from overseas.
    Thanks anywa

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    Yeah, my Utilities Folder (OS X Tiger 10.4.3) got deleted too… could someone pleeease compress it and link to it?

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    here ya go dude

    get rid of anything that has copy on the end of it

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    Thanks! Really, thanks loads!

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    no worries dude, glad i icould help

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    Earlier (three days ago) you said that you're friend had the CD and stuff. Why is that a problem? Can you get the folder back by using the CD?

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