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    Exclamation Macbook Air problems
    so I go to bed last night and my macbook air is working great... I did fall asleep with it in my bed so I may have button smashed it a tad but when I woke up this morning it was totally f****d... the number keys do not work except for 0 and even then it shows up as a ) even without holding shift. Also everything I type is suck in caps regardless of whether or not the caps lock key is on... on top of all of this my cursor now appears to be in drag-mode and whenever I click a hyperlink it gets added to my readlist in safari.... how could all of his just have happened this spontaneously?? any fixes? Ive tried an SMC reboot and playing with my universal access settings.. dont know what else to try...

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    Aug 02, 2012
    upon further inspection Im thinking maybe its the shift key being engaged but neither of the keys themselves appear to be stuck...

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