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    No drag-and-drop from desktop to Finder icon!
    I installed Mountain Lion and now I can't drag and drop a file from my desktop into the Finder icon on the Dock, and spring-load it to drill down into an appropriate folder!

    I checked all System Pref settings; they're fine. Trashed all plists relevant to the Finder, etc.

    Finally called AppleCare and after a long while, the guy said "Yep. You can't drag and drop files/folders from the desktop into the Finder icon on the dock, unless a window of Finder is already open (which I'd discovered on my own)."

    Which means, now you have to actually open a Finder window first -- then drag a file from the desktop into the Finder icon, and you can spring-load it into the correct folder.

    Unless I'm missing something really obvious in Preferences, this is a really stupid regression on Apple's part.

    Until Mountain Lion came along, you could drag anything from your desktop, hover it over the Finder icon, and drill down to where you wanted to drop it.

    Now you have to actually add a step.

    Anyone have a fix, or a comment?

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    Glad I'm not the only one.

    Exactly the same thing is happening to me, simple dragging from the download folder to the finder, as I drag it over it looks like the finder wants to open and then just shows the desktop.

    Very annoying and I don't know the answer.

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    I would like some insight on this as well. Glad someone is having this same issue.

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