I had burned 3 dvd's containing 3 or more folders of pictures on each disk. When I install these in a dvd player the folders all show up and when one is chosen a slide show begins as it is supposed to. When I put the disks in the mac that created them it says there is "0" k on disk. If I drop them on dvd player it says this file type is not supported......!!!! It made them!????? ~ Running 10.5.8 on a mac G4 933mhz ( old girl but still chuggin along) ........PS ...All three work in any dvd player but the pics used for the dvd were mistakenly deleted and I'm trying to get the pics back from the slide show. When inserted into a dvd player they all show up in the folders they were burned in just like they are supposed to???????????? I've tried all options under imovie , idvd , toast titanium , vlc ......"media type not supported" / "sense key=BLANK CHECK ??????????