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    Question Help: Mac reboot is taking over 3 hours after installing mountain lion
    So, I've downloaded OS X ML from the app store and when it was done, I started the installing process. After the pre-installing part which took about three minutes or so, the mac restarted and it's been 3 hours now and the screen is still white with a little rainbow-coloured thingy going in circle. I feel like this shouldn't take so long and I don't know what to do. And I'm not a computer genius, so I'm kind of desperate here. Is this normal? Should I wait or is there something I should do?

    Please help a stupid 18 years old girl that can't even upgrade her Mac properly. Please?

    (Yes, I met all the before-downloading-requirements. Appropriate MacBook and I had OS X Lion.)

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    this is not normal, can you force shut down the macbook by pressing the on/off button ? reboot it see how it reacts.if not okay did your make a reboot able osx on dvd, sdhc or thumb drive ? if yes, re install the osx by rebooting, when chime sounds press option key, if all fails down load again make sure you create an osx reboot able media. try install again.good luck.

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