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    Unhappy RSS Screensaver Missing?
    Hello everyone and thanks for all the great advice on this forum.
    This week I took the plunge and upgraded my G4 400 and iBook G3 700 with 10.4 and then 10.4.3.
    Everything seems to be working fine on both except for the RSS screensaver on my desktop.
    When I go to my screensaver prefs the RSS screensaver isn't listed ,just the usual Flurry, Abstract etc. but no .qtz files. I did a search and found the .qtz files in the screensaver folder so why aren't they showing in my prefs?
    Seeing as the RSS screensaver on the ibook is working fine I copied the .qzt files from my laptop to the G4 and replaced the files but still nothing.
    Any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance
    p.s.. I read on one thread about trashing the prefs playlist for the rss scrensaver but I can't seem to find it?

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    I may be wrong as I'm newish to macs, but I'm pretty sure the RSS screensaver needs Quartz Extreme (software which is part of Tiger) to work, and in turn, Quartz Extreme needs a good enough graphics card...Does you iBook have a better graphics card than the G4? as this would explain it (This would be suprising though...)

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    Thanks for the reply Zeta101.I did identical installs on both machines which is why I was a little confused as to why this would happen.
    I think I found the answer to my problem a minute ago though.After looking at my system profiler I see that my monitor, 17" apple studio display CRT, does not support Quartz Extreme.....

    Thanks again


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