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    clicking on mac partition in external hdd crashing finder, virus problem
    Hi people,
    My external hard disk is in grave danger. My hard disk have two partitions, one mac partitioned and another FAT partitioned. I had connected it to a friend's windows system for a file transfer, after which in each folder in the external hdd 2 folders came from nowhere named “earlier“ and “30 days before“, but clicking on any of the two showed no result. After a while of things like previously stated, the mac partition won't open at all, clicking on it would hang the finder and in few seconds the finder will crash.
    If any of you guys have any advice, please write them.

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    It's not a virus because a Windows virus can not infect the Mac partition and there are no Mac viruses in the wild, only malware.

    What likely happened, is when you attached the drive to your friend's PC which is probably formatted to NTFS, it corrupted the drive. Reformat the drive, however, that will destroy all its data so backup what you can before doing so.

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