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    Firewall tab not in Security
    I need to access my firewall but in the Security menu i have general tab and firewall vault. Why dont i have a tab for Firewall? I have OS X 10.6.8

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    The software firewall is off by default (as it should be). Are you sure you ever turned it on?

    If you need to make an adjustment in your ROUTER's (hardware) firewall, that's a different procedure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    The software firewall is off by default (as it should be).
    Why the firewall must be off?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by somewhere2go View Post
    Why the firewall must be off?

    Thanks in advance.
    You don't need both at your home and make sure the one in your modem/router is on.
    But if you leave the house I would turn the computer firewall on.

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    It's prudent to turn on the software firewall if you:

    a. Are bizarrely using a setup with no hardware firewall (like, say, dial-up).
    b. Are on a public network you know does not have a firewall (very, very, very rare these days)

    Also, I didn't say the firewall "must" be off. I said it is off by default, and that this is the default because 99 percent of the time you (or anyone in the first world) is on the Internet you are behind a hardware firewall already, making the software one redundant (and potentially causing conflicts if both are used).

    Here is what the firewall control looks like in Snow Leopard:

    If yours doesn't look like that, it is likely because of one of these two reasons:
    1. Your system is damaged
    2. You have installed some kind of "security" software that is disabling the OS X firewall.

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