Heading out the door for a road trip soon and I would like all my devices to work together, WELL. Currently my iMac syncs with iPhone via iCloud (bookmarks, Addressbook, iCal, notes & pics when photo stream activated). Backups, etc are stored on iMac's HD, not in the cloud. Wife's MBPro syncs with her iPhone bookmarks, address book, notes & iCal since she opened her own iCloud account. All our devices are no more than 6 months old and are funning the latest operating systems. So far, I do not have any documents that sync, so my first question is what do I need to add to my system to allow this. Secondly, I'd want those documents to sync not only with my iPhone, but also with her MBPro. Thirdly, how can these documents be secured in that I don't want anyone to be able to access them in case iPhone or MBPro is lost or taken
Any help would be appreciated