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    Optimizing OS for a SSD
    I recently ordered a Samsung 830 SSD and 8GB of RAM for my late 2011 MBP. Since the computer didn't come with a SSD, its not optimized to have one. I couldn't seem to find a good guide on here, and websites I found on google seemed contradictory and some gave outdated advice.

    The first issue was trim. Should I enable it or not? I don't think that Trim Enabler has been optimized for Lion yet, which is another problem. Some websites said to definitely do this well others said the deterioration of the SSD would be negligible.

    I'm not really sure what other things I should and should not do. I want the computer to run as fast as possible. Do you partion the SSD before you put it into the labtop? Will using Carbon Copy to copy the contents of my HDD onto my SSD slow down the SSD?

    If someone who has done this before could chime in with some answers and some other things that I need to do, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you so much.

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    Too many to list. Typically use an Intel iMac for most of my stuff and a Mini for web video.
    SSDs are a moving target. The people that have them seem to have developed a love/hate relationship with them. They love them because they're fast (at least initially) and hate them because of some of the problems they suffer from. Most notable in the latter case is the ability of the SSD to just apparently wipe the disk of all information without warning, and in non-trim supported drives, their eventual slow down to molasses speeds.

    The use of trim is critical, but whether or not it's adequately supported by OS X for your drive is something you need to research. Without trim the drives, over time, will appear to be about as fast (i.e. slow) as a CD-ROM.

    I would keep a backup of all data on a regular HD, and keep it in such a manner that you can boot from it. I would do backups frequently, at the very least until you're confident that the drive is reliable. I personally wouldn't trust an SSD without an old fashioned HD backup, but I'm also extremely paranoid about data loss. That's just me.

    Apple seems to think SSDs are great. If they didn't the new MacBook Pro's wouldn't use them, but they're also using very specific drives.

    Just my two cents.

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    please make life easier do not worry about all the distractions of your ssd, as long as you install
    the clean OSX to your ssd. You are good to go. This is apple you are dealing with.
    I have a ssd installed and everything works fine. Enjoy while everything is good.
    Life is about enjoying your mbp, When the ssd fails then buy another one. One SSD
    should last at least 3 to 5 years, by the time you get your money worth.

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