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Thread: Lion and iCloud

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    Question Lion and iCloud
    Bear with me....first post on this forum....please

    Don't really want Lion on my Mac pro because I do photography and need my dual monitors to work indication evident that Apple has figured out how to cure the Lion ineptitude with this basic functionality, and not much hope yet that Mountain Lion has a clue either.

    I do have a Macbook Pro 17" machine which I need when away from my desk-top machine and now have a new iPhone 4s which I'd like to work into icloud for backups. Snow Leopard is forbidden from the Cloud, it seems.

    Are there any links on this site I can refer to re. installing Lion on my Macbook Pro....problems...benefits....recommendations or warnings?

    Again...brand new to this site......

    Any navigational tips , more than welcome.


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    I'm not sure what problems you are having with dual monitors but here is a sticky that should help.

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