I have a 24 inch 2008 iMac wiht a 2.8 ghz intel core 2 duo, 4 gb ram running osx lion.
All my software is up to date.

I am currently using about 151 gb of my 320 gb hard drive. I keep most of my files on external harddrives, music, photos, music samples, etc

My system generally doesn't run too slow, unless I am running a music program with Photoshop open, and even then, it can handle it pretty ok.

I recently installed cubase, but other than that, no other new major software since these problems have arose...

Here is what is happening:

  • I have had my computer freeze twice in the last week. I will be moving along fine, and then the spinning color wheel will pop up, and I have to restart after waiting 5-10 minutes and getting no response. I have noticed that I have had microsoft excel or word open both times when that happened, a registered version.

  • I have had a couple times where my screen just goes light grey... the initial start up color. no rhyme or reason to it, just goes gray, and i have to restart.

  • I have started having programs crash, in the past, i've had minor issues with a crash here or there, but its happening more often now, with no rhyme or reason, to programs that are usually pretty solid.

I have installed and used onyx and main menu pro and am not sure if they are doing more harm than good.

so my question is this, how bad are these issues, and is this something to be alarmed with, or something thats just a pain and I have to deal with it?