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Thread: Deleting Files with Invalid Characters

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    Deleting Files with Invalid Characters
    Hi All, While troubleshooting an email attachment issue I saved 3 files, now I can't delete them. They have crazy characters in the name, I'm sure they are not helping. They are even causing Time Machine to fail. Any help is appreciated.

    Macbook Pro 10.7.4
    Take a look at the screenshots, you can see the file names and paths. I have also tried renaming in both terminal and finder with no luck.

    Screenshot from terminal attached
    Screenshot from Finder attached
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    Are you able at least to get them into the Trash even if the Trash can't be emptied? By the way, it appears it's the dash and forward slash symbols that are invalid.

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    Not sure but you might try enclosing the file name in parentheses " file name ".

    cd to the directory they are located in rm -r "file name" Sometimes with a lot of charters this works. I think the \ is used to ignore a space in the name. Worth a try.

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