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    iMac won't reboot or accept OS X install dvd
    I don't know what prompted it, but the screen basically just displays the apple symbol and a spinning wheel.
    Safe mode does nothing.
    When I try to insert the OS X Install DvD that came with the computer, it just gets ejected after a few seconds. There's something wrong with the disk drive, but I've tried cleaning it and nothing seems to work.

    After cmd+V, these are the last few lines:

    Bug: launchctl.c:3557 (23930):17: ioctl(s6, SIOCAFADDR_ING, &ifra6) != -1
    Running fsck on the boot volume...
    Executing fsck_hfs (version disked_cmds-491.6~3)
    ** Checking Journaled HFS Plus volume.
    ** Checking extents overflow file.
    ** Checking catalog file.
    Failed to issue COM RESET successfully after 3 attempts. Failing...
    diskOs2: no such device.
    Invalid sibling link
    (4, 22823)
    **Rebuilding catalog B-tree.
    diskOs2: media is not present.
    diskOs2: media is not preent.
    **The volume Macintosh HD could not be repaired.
    diskOs2: media is not present.
    I'm not even hugely concerned about keeping all of my files, I just need the thing to work so that I can continue onward with my life. So, how should I deal with this?

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    Your hard drive has a serious error. You might be able to repair it with software such as Disk Warrior. However, Disk Warrior costs as much as replacing the hard drive and since you're not worried about the data, it's probably best to just replace it. But... before you can replace the hard drive you need a working optical drive. That means replacing it or buy an external model.

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