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Thread: My wife is threatening to divorce me!

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    Unhappy My wife is threatening to divorce me!
    This is because I am having to use her computer while my MacBook is not working. She doesn't like this very much.

    I have an Intel based Macbook that ran Tiger when I bought it but which I upgraded to Snow Leapard. This all went fine.

    However, it now won't boot up now (in safe mode or at all) and simply gives me the dreaded forbidden screen. I must have done something, but I can't think what that could be -- I was merely trying to port some data off it to my wife's (macbook pro). Although I have the Snow Leopard start up disk, the drive on my MacBook has not been working for a while (the DVD seems to just whir and speed up and slow down), so that isn't an option.

    I tried starting it up pressing "command s" and although it got to the black screen with white writing and gave various error messages, eventually it just kept saying "still waiting for root device".

    Does anyone have any ideas? Someone out there could save a marriage here!

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    Can you format a USB or drive stick to 1 partition OSX journalled (select GUID partition table from the options) on her MacBook Pro and use disk utility to clone the snow leopard install to it. That way you could boot your MacBook with USB

    at least that way you can use disk utility to see the drive and find out if the boot drive is repairable
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    Sounds like an option -- thank you.

    I'm OK with partitioning a stick but less clear on how to clone the Snow Leopard install to it. Would you mind adding a few extra lines please (sorry to be so dozen!)

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