Lately I have been having issues getting my external hard drive on my network to function correctly with my mac (OSX Leopard, 10.5.8). I am currently using a Linksys E4200 router with a Western Digital External Hard drive (1.5 TB) formated in FAT32 (I am 10000000% positive it is FAT32) as a hard drive on the network. I get onto the HD by connecting to the network (Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server) and login into the server (HD). It logs me in fine, and the HD shows up on the network ( under the Shared pin on the left side of finder). I can read everything just fine and can execute anything that is on there. Anytime I attempt to write a file to the HD with Finder, I immediately get an error message saying,

"The Operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for some of the items."

Well, before clicking OK on the message, I checked to see if the file actually wrote to the HD through terminal. Lo and behold, the file has completely copied. The moment I click OK, it gets deleted. So, I attempt to copy the files using terminal. I fiddle around for a minute, and shazam, it works perfectly. It wrote correctly and the file is visible by everyone on the network. I need help to figure out why Finder is not allowing me to copy this. And as some added info, I just reinstalled OSX(to just get a clean wipe and to speed things up), so there should be no issues associated with long use of the mac. Any help will do

Thanks guys!