For dabbling with Ubuntu, I resized the original hdd partition to a smaller size. The available free space was used to install Ubuntu. Played around with it for a while, encountered some problems that I cannot solve.

After I removed everything, I an left with a hdd where the first partition is reserved for OSX, the next for the recovery partition. The rest is free space. Must have been during the installation that the recovery partition was moved....

I cannot increase the size of the OSX partition because the recovery partition needs to be either at the beginning or the end of the hdd.... and hdd utility does not let me dot that.

How do I get back to the original situation?


Edit: never mind; it appears to be part of the Linux / Bootcamp installation stuff, not the OSX recovery partition. So I just erased it like the rest, and resized the OSX partition using Disk Utility.

Already wondered, because the OSX recovery partition is supposed to be hidden...