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    Finding folder in system library - Snow Leopard
    So I made a post about this about 8 months ago, thought I solved the problem but didn't. I admittedly made a dumb move and tried to hide a folder of my writings in the system library (trying to evade some snoops). I know now that Spotlight doesn't search the system library. Downloaded a program called Find Any File that will search within the system library, but it only goes as far as searching the folder name - which I forget. (Yeah, yeah... I was real dumb with this one). I remember certain key words within the documents, but does anyone know some special scripting secrets to uncover this? The only reason I'm still on Snow Leopard is because I'm afraid that updating my OS may delete any system library library folders that hold my files. Thanks in advance and any reprimands on the stupidity of this all are well-deserved.

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    I wonder of a utility such as Onyx or Tinker tool could be used to show all invisible files. This would allow you to find the folder and move it to a more suitable location.

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