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    Macbook on Windows Domain
    I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum and apologize up front if I am not.

    I am a Windows administrator and have no Apple experience whatsoever which bodes bad news for me as I have a CEO and CFO who have both purchased a Macbook Pro and would like me to make them work on the network. I have managed to get them to log into the domain but can not figure out how to get them to map drives to their home directories or the public file folder. I also can not figure out how to install a printer and have it print more than one page w/o reinstalling it. I need both mappings and printers to remain after restart of the Macbook.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just a thought. I don't have an answer to getting these MacBook's (probably MacBook Pro's)...logged onto your companies server(s)...and then onto their home directories & public file folders.

    My question is...once you are successful getting these computers logged in...are you sure that the files, apps., or other materials on the server are compatible with Macintosh computers & the Mac OS?

    For example...I'm sure everyone at your company that has "Windows computers" has no problems (as it should be) when logging in & using your servers. But if you have applications (off the shelf apps. or customized apps.) for your company...these may or may not run on a Macintosh computer or Mac OS. And if these apps. don't run on a Macintosh...then these two guys won't be able to access their files either.

    Sorry if I've created a 2nd headache...just wanted to give you a head's up. Of course if you already know the answer to the compatibility question...and these Macintosh laptops are fully compatible...great...just ignore what I mentioned!

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    The Office application works fine. The only other application they use they access through Remote Desktop which is also working fine. Just the mapping and printers that I can't figure out. It's definitely not as simple as getting a windows machine connected to a windows environment.

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