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    Authorisation needed every time I delete after cloning drive
    Hi, I recently installed a new SSD in my mid-2010 MacBook Pro (os x 10.7.4) by using Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my current drive to the SSD whilst it was in an external housing. That all went fine and I installed my new drive ok.

    It seems to be running ok, much faster etc except when I delete anything the admin authorisation box pops up and I have to put the admin password in. I've tried using Onyx to check permissions etc but doesn't seem to have helped.

    Just wondered if anyone had had the same problem or any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Its the nature of the OS and keeps unauthorized users from deleting important items/files.

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    Do a fresh install and Migration Assistant.

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    Does Migration Assistant copy all users etc including stored passwords, network account info etc?

    As for fresh install, would I wipe the new drive (with it still in the Mac) and plug the old drive in via USB and boot off that?


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