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mmjordan 06-14-2012 06:25 AM

In iTunes I want my music sorted by the year the song/album came out, how do I set it up so I don't have to sort it each time I get back into iTunes?

IWT 06-14-2012 07:46 AM

One way of doing this is to go to the toolbar and Click on View/Options. From the list of options check "Release Date".

This will put the release date of all your music (if known) on the top bar along with Artist, Composer etc. By Clicking and Holding on "Release Date" you can move it to left or right and place it to suit your convenience.

When you open iTunes, just Click on "Release Date" and all your tunes will be listed in date order. You can decide whether you want oldest or most recent date at the top.


mmjordan 06-14-2012 07:49 AM


I do that now, didn't know if there was a way to have it sorted that way all the time. Like after I close iTunes and re open it I don't have to sort it again. But thank you for your help.


IWT 06-14-2012 07:55 AM

Hi Marshall

I was trying to test out a way of doing this using "Smart Playlist". Whilst one can sort by songs by Date Added & Date Modified, I couldn't find a means of sorting by Release Date. But I don't use smart playlists that much & I may be missing something.

Good luck. Hopefully others will chime in.


Grayw97 06-14-2012 09:53 AM

I played around with iTunes and didn't find anything. I did have an idea though. What if at the beginning of the album name you put the year it was released? Then if you click 'album' at the top it will sort your songs by the name of the album which will have the year it was realsed. So it will be sorted by the year you put.

Hope this works for you!

Slydude 06-14-2012 11:01 AM

I was able to do this with a Smart Playlist though it does have one annoyance that I think cab be fixed. The annoyance is that you have to select the smart playlist each time iTunes is launched.

Set up a Smart Playlist with Year is greater than followed by the year you want the kist to start. I chose 1900 so I would be sure to catch everything. Turn live updating on so you don't have to adjust the list each time new music is added.

I think the problem of needing to select the apart playlist can be solved with Automator. It should be possible to create an app that launches iTunes then selects that Smart Playlist. I used to have a workflow that did this with a playlist that excluded Holiday music. I'll test it in Lion later and post results.

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