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Thread: clogged mail

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    Jun 13, 2012
    Angry clogged mail
    My Mail program seems to be clogged.
    The Recovered Messages mailbox has duplicated (703) copies of an email
    I tried to send that had a short video in it.

    I can't delete them! And I'd love to clean this out.

    And outgoing messages / emails are taking forever to zoom off.

    Any help??!

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    One thing you can do is, one by one, click on each troublesome mailbox. Once highlighted, go to the toolbar and click on "Mailbox". From the drop-down menu select the last item "Rebuild" and click on it.

    Do this for all your mailboxes, certainly those giving trouble. Once the rebuild is finished, you should be able to delete the contents of that mailbox.

    Please let us know if this sorts your problem. If not, can you include details about your type & age of your Mac and its OS.


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