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StupFD 06-13-2012 10:11 PM

Drive Failure & Thunderbird Help Please
Greetings. I installed a new hard drive in my MacBook Pro 17" Late 2008 about 3 months ago. It is running OSX Lion and has been functioning fine. I tried to boot up and got the flashing file folder on the center of the screen this morning. I have figured out it is the hard drive and not a cable issue. Fortunately, I used a cloning program when I switched hard drives and I removed the old drive and stored it away. I was able to boot the machine via the old drive and usb case. Is it possible to recover my old emails and folders that I had in Thunderbird 12.0? I am able to access the internal drive even though it will not function as the boot drive. I'm dying here!!! Any suggestions?

chscag 06-13-2012 10:47 PM

If you can access the internal drive when booted from your old drive, you should be able to copy everything you need from it. As long as the drive holds up and doesn't fail you may even be able to clone it thereby saving all your data.

StupFD 06-14-2012 07:37 AM

Thanks chscag.
Of the very few files that I need that reside on the bad drive I have already copied. Most of my files have been sitting on a network drive in a mirrored RAID set-up and are fine. It is just some emails that I wanted to recover if possible. I have tried poking around the internet but can't seem to find a solid set of instructions that specifically locates a Mozilla Thunderbird file that contains the messages. Unfortunately it was not an IMAP account and only resided on my MacPro.

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