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frank44 06-13-2012 10:09 AM

Default Font Folder Location Change
I have literally dug around for hours looking for a solution to this issue and I'm wondering if someone can help me figure it out.

The Problem:
I work on two different computers from time to timeand I need access to my fonts on both machines seamlessly.

Does anyone know of a way to move where your computer locates fonts? For example, can I move the "...system>library>fonts" folder to Dropbox or something similar?

Lifeisabeach 06-13-2012 11:48 AM

Oh no. You never never never ever mess with /System. Never! Unless you want to render your system unbootable. Don't even put 3rd party fonts there. The proper place for 3rd party fonts is /Library/Fonts (if you want them accessible to all users on the computer) or in yourhomefolder/Library/Fonts (for just yourself).

As for syncing between multiple computers, what may be the best thing to do is make a symbolic link to your Fonts folder and put that symlink in your DropBox folder. Do the same on each computer. That should keep them all in sync.

As for how to make a symlink, the easiest way is to grab a freebie called SymbolicLinker. Follow the included install instructions.

louishen 06-13-2012 01:50 PM

I use a combo of lInotype font explorer (the old free version) and drop box to keep all font folders up to date at work. I just leave the base system fonts in Library?Fonts and let Font explorer handle the rest

Here's a couple of links

Best Practices for Managing Fonts in Mac OS X

frank44 06-13-2012 02:18 PM

Great solutions - thanks!

@louishen I installed linotype and asked it to move my font files to a new folder on Dropbox. When I open a finder and look in the new folder on Dropbox, it's empty. Are the actual fonts supposed to be in there?

Lifeisabeach 06-15-2012 10:19 AM

If you go the route using my symlink suggestion, a couple potential problems came to mind after I posted. Firstly…. make sure Dropbox is disabled temporarily on both Macs before adding the symlinks to the Dropbox folder. If you don't, the files will get synced from the proper /Library/Fonts folder on the first Mac to a new Fonts folder (not symlink) in the Dropbox folder on the second Mac.

Secondly… if you decide to stop syncing the Fonts, disable Dropbox on both Macs before deleting the symlinks. If you don't, the fonts from one Mac will get wiped out when you delete the symlink on the other.

My idea will (well "should") work, but obviously not without risks and a little up front management. Keep proper backups available at all times and you should be fine. Of course louishen's idea may be a better one too. I haven't tried it myself, but it seems pretty sound. In response to your question to him, I would think that the fonts should go into the folder in Dropbox.

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