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    Jun 13, 2012
    Activity Window can't find ###MB for YouTube
    I have always used Safari's awesome activity window to download YouTube videos to my HDD in the past. Until recently when I upgraded to Lion a few days ago, I can no longer do that! I have peruzzed the forums to find out what happened but I can't find a solution! Everything is up to date with the latest software versions of Lion and Safari. I would rather not use a third party to download YouTube videos, especially since activity window is so accessible and simple and not switching applications/opening new tabs for websites. Thanks for looking into it!

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    Nov 25, 2011
    activity window and empty caches
    Same here. Mine is a Lion until recently there is a upgrade request from Mac. So I upgraded it and the window activity has disappeared! This is such a useful tool and I wonder how to get it back.

    Also, not just the window activity but also the 'empty caches' also disappeared under safari. I found it under 'develop' but unlike previously when you hit 'empty caches' it would ask something like 'do you want to empty your caches'. Now when I click 'empty caches' under develop I am not sure whether it is doing its job or not.


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