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    New user help required
    Hi everyone
    New member here, in fact I'm new to mac as well
    Just bought a 2 nd hand iMac 24 a few days ago and so far I'm loving it
    Been a windows user for years
    I'm finding my way round it quite easy, and google normally helps if I'm a bit stuck
    But I need help regarding time machine,
    I sort of understand what it's all about but !
    The 1 st time you run it, I believe it does a full back up and stores it '
    this never gets deleted is this right?
    After that it backs up at regular intervals
    Can you just do the initial 1st back up , the n just unplug the drive and store it away incase you need to restore .
    I was thinking of storing all my photos music etc on external hard drives .and don't really need time machine backing it all up, I do a lot of photography so go.t 1000 s of images
    So thought if I have a back up as it was when I bought it and store everything else on externals
    Also in printer driver I can't select double sided printing. It's there but greyed out
    I updated the drivers but to no avail , I got Epson r 285

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    I would hook up an External drive at least twice as big as your internal drive and let it do its job and yes as the drive fills up it will write over the oldest backup.

    For a bootable version I like taking a portable drive such as WD's passport and put CCC on it.
    I am not familiar with that model Epson does it say it will do double sided printing?

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