I am trying to auto-mount active directory user shares at login using either a login-hook or a login item. The problem I have is that student users map to one file server and staff users to another. For example - smb://facultyserver/user$ for staff and smb://studentserver/user$ for students.

There is no active directory attribute that stores the users home path. My question is, can I get and store the users AD group as a variable and use that to determine their home path?

Also, can I auto-mount the share without requiring a username and password? (Unfortunately just trying to map a share on an AD binded Mac still requires authentication )



I was able to get the groups as a string using id. Then I search the string for the user group but it is still requiring a username and password. Any ideas there?

I am using AppleScript. The command is:

mount volume smb://studentshare/user$