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    Easiest way to flatten PDFs?
    I frequently insert my signature into Word documents and then distribute them as PDFs. On the PC side, I would print them to a simple PDF driver (not the expensive Acrobat driver), which would create a flattened PDF of the document. The PDF option built into OSX is great, but it doesn't flatten the PDF. That is, my signature remains as a separate graphic that anyone can highlight and copy.

    I haven't been able to find a simple way on a Mac to create a flattened PDF in which the layers are un-extractable. I've read a number of complicated java script ideas--over my head.

    Ironically, a number of apps on the iPad do this quite easily. So for now, I have to take the cumbersome steps of sending the file to my iPad, where I can easily flatten it.

    Does anyone know of a simple (and cheap) solution for OSX?

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    Have you tried Word's built in PDF saving option? You can save as a PDF by changing the file type in the save dialog box to PDF.
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    Flatten PDFs - the easy and free way
    You could also right click on the file and choose "Open With", then choose "Safari" and then print from there using the Print PDF function on the bottom left corner of the print screen. This will flatten the pdf and does not require any work with javascript or terminal.

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