I transferred my wires iPhoto library on to my GoFlex Home NAS drive because her MBA was running out of SDD space. I have found that using iPhoto with the library on a NAS is very slow and not easy to use. Since my wife is not a very techie person, I bought her an external HDD so she could put her iPhoto library on a connected drive which would load faster and be easier for her to use. Now to my problem:

I am trying to transfer her iPhoto library to the new HDD. I first tried to copy it over my network but my Mac said it was doing to take 23 days to transfer (the library is over 90GB). So I went and bought a GoFlex Desk adapter so i could put the GoFlex Home drive on the desk adapter and have a direct connection but when I open the drive my MBP only sees the "public" drive and not the other three "backup", "Personal", and "External" partitions. So I then tried to copy the iPhoto library from the "personal" folder to the "public" folder and the computer just said "preparing to copy" for hours and didn't transfer any data. Is there a way to make my MBP see all the partitions on the drive or is there another way to transfer the library to my new HDD?