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    Can you install OS X Snow Leopard from a Macbook onto a Macbook Pro?
    Hello. My sister just bought a refurbished Macbook Pro 15.4" Intel 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo that came with Leopard installed but no disks came with it. I was wondering if there was a way to make a backup of that computer so that she can have a recovery disk available if needed. Or, can I install my Snow Leopard that was included on disk from my Macbook onto her Macbook Pro. My Macbook is also a Core 2 Duo, but not a Pro and only 13.3". I only ask this because I know they don't sell Snow Leopard on disk anymore, and she really wants iLife too, which is already on hers and would be included in mine. Hate to see her get nickle and dimed by having to buy Snow Leopard, Lion, and iLife just to get "up to speed". Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    No, you can not install your copy of Snow Leopard onto your sister's MBP for two reasons: 1. It's model specific for your MacBook and will not install on a MBP 2. It's licensed as one copy only for your machine.

    Snow Leopard on disk is still available from the Apple on line store. Buy a copy for her there.

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    Ooops, you're right. It is on disk there. Sorry, missed that. Doesn't matter anyway though because I just called Apple and they're sending recovery disks out to her. The guy said they should have been included and since we called so soon after buying the computer, he will gladly send them out.

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    Having the recovery disc is a good idea. One thing you could do if everything is working well is to create a bootable clone of her system. Since it's an exact copy of the system you can boot and be back to work in no time. Just make sure you have a backup of the data as well.
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