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    Apr 16, 2011
    Finder using 110% CPU and freeze on startup
    So as the title suggests I somehow broke osx. On phone now.

    I was trying to delete about 20,000 picture files which were all Firefox cache crap.
    Dragging to trash kinda went bad. Was moving to trash at a rate of 1 file per 20 seconds. I canceled and restarted then it was preparing to move to trash for an hour.
    Com was frozen so I restarted.

    Startup freeze + desktop icons don't load
    Repeat 20 times
    Managed to start in safe mode and open activity monitor.
    Finder is using 110% CPU and if I force quit it starts again till it all freezes and I have to restart . I thought I'd let it do it's thing but now it's started. Desktop icons don't load. Everything is frozen .

    I got exams and really need the con. Also done the command option p + r thing too.

    Any help is appreciated thanks

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    Where were you deleting things from? While this doesn't explain the Finder CPU usage, it might explain some of the other problems.
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    Apr 16, 2011
    Was off my external hard drive. Had used a file recovery program and all it had recovered was Firefox cache junk so was trying to delete them.
    Never actually got to delete since it froze just unplugged the usb
    Also am on lion with latest updates

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    Apr 16, 2011
    Computer still going. No desktop icons and fully frozen . Hmm I don't think anything is going to happen. Killing finder as a prOcess does nothing either Before its frozen

    This is the wIrst time for this to happen. Desperately need the com for my exams ):
    Whoever comes up with a fix is my hero

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    Apr 16, 2011
    Update: I think I've figured out the issue
    In safe mode it lets me move mouse around a bit.
    Each click takes about 5 minutes. No kidding.
    There are 18,000 files on my desktop all under 1 so it looks like one.

    If I somehow manage to delete them it might fix it.
    But god**** I can't drag to highlight >.<

    Deleted those files off desktop finally. It was slow pain.
    All is good again

    If a mod wants to delete this thread please do since I pretty much solved it myself and it feels like spam to me lol

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    Glad you got it fixed . . . and no way we should delete. Valuable info and/or lessons learned here for others.
    Thanks for contributing it; sorry for your pain and aggravation.

    FWIW: My very first post on this Forum (4 years ago) was a problem I ran into with my router setup. I ended up solving it myself after a lot of stress and aggravation
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