Hi all,

First off, i'm NOT a mac person, i'm very new to these machines and so if anyone has suggestions, try to explain them as though i know nothing?

I've been trying to sort out an issue with a macmini running Lion OSX over the last couple of months and have been having no luck.

Basically, i've managed to find that the macmini in question can ping other machines on the local network, but no machine on the network can ping it. Therefore my end goal of hosting a webpage from the macmini is being restricted...

I have found the firewall on the macmini, but it appears to be configured not to block all incoming communications, and with the firewall enabled or disabled the same issues continue.

Someone mentioned that there is a firewall on the server admin tools for lion server in addition to the standard firewall on the base OS, but i could not find any options to configure this firewall from admin tools 10.7.4.

After looking into it further, i installed the older admin tools: 10.7.3 and was able to find the firewall options there. As expected, the firewall is turned on, but i am unable to turn it off. When i untick the firewall option and click save, the firewall option just ticks again and nothing happens. I have tried turning off the standard firewall i had found earlier to no avail.

Can anyone suggest why this might be happening? or how to configure the server firewall further as i seem to only have the option to turn on or off?