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    Is it possible to connect two Macs via USB ?
    Is it possible to connect two Macs via USB just like Firewire back in the day via Target mode or is there something similar? I am asking this because about 2-3 years ago I would normally image Macs via Target Mode. I used to have a regular Macbook running 10.6 along with a customized-ready-to-go .dmg image saved on the Desktop. Whenever I needed to put that image into any Mac I would simply connect the two Macs via Firewire, I would then press "T" at startup which will get me in Target Mode, I would then see the disk appear in the desktop of the Mac I had the image. I would then copy that image to the T mode macbook using super duper. Can this still be done through USB with new models and if so will I also need to press T at startup ?

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    Sorry - won't work.

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