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Thread: Battery usage

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    Jun 06, 2012
    Battery usage

    I have a Macbook pro 11.7 lion OS, I want to know how to use the battery of my PC, I saw some people always work without adapter to charge it, some of them always connected charger to charge it, is it necessary if our battery is full, we keep it connect it to the power or when it is full we should disconnect it. which way will improve the life of my battery. Thanks

    Ghezal Ahmad

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    Jun 06, 2012
    It is fine to leave your Macbook Pro plugged in as they have Auto-switching power supplies. This means that when the battery is fully charged power is taken from the mains instead. This means that leaving your Macbook Pro plugged in will not affect your battery.

    Handy that isn't it!

    The Rabbit

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