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    Question Cannot send links get gmail homepage instead
    Hi guys,

    I have a new frustration that I don't know how to solve. Ever since I had to open a gmail account for my Jawbone bluetooth I can't send a link to a page. For instance, using Yahoo I want to send a friend a page about emptying her Recycle bin in Windows, and when I click to send the link to the page or email the page location, I get the homepage for gmail accounts. I use Yahoo for my email. I have an iMac with Lion (it is updated), and this happens in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. My antivirus program is VirusBarrier X6, if that has any bearing on this. I AM LOST - any ideas?

    Your help will be deeply appreciated,

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    You have somehow managed to designate the GMail web page as your default email client.

    Open up Mail, go to preferences, change the default client back to Mail. That should fix it.

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