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    Clean install Lion !!!HELP!!!

    I want to run a clean install of OSX Lion because I hate the fact that the app store installed it on top of OSX Snow Leopard. I know how to perform the clean install but I have one major concern. I have a ton of important documents and programs and such that I do not want to lose. I have a Time Machine backup but will the fresh lion recognize it? Meaning if I select my external HD for Time machine on the freshly installed lion will it erase the HD to start a new one or will it cross over so I can use it to bring everything back? OR is there a better way to keep all my data? PLEASE HELP!

    Thank you very much!

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    Are you having problems with Lion or just do not like the fact it was an upgrade? Do not use Time Machine prefer SuperDuper. Suggest formatting an external drive and clone your drive to that, then format internal and run Lion.
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    When you fire up the fresh install of Lion it will ask you if you have Time Machine backups that you want to import and will walk you through the process of restoring your documents and apps.

    But as suggested, if your documents are important then a secondary backup is not a bad idea for belt and braces. Perhaps copy them up to some online storage and/or and external disk

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    Don't see what the issue is here. Lion was DESIGNED BY APPLE to be installed over the top of Snow Leopard. It has worked here perfectly since Day One and has even been restored to a new(er) machine again with no issues.

    There are likely bigger concerns to spend your time on than this.

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    I agree with Chas.

    My two iMacs (one oldish, the other almost 2 years old) both had Lion installed over the top of Snow Leopard; and on the older Mac, Snow Leopard was installed over Leopard. So one iMac went from Leopard to Snow Leopard to Lion and the other from SL to Lion. Neither gives the slightest trouble. Stick with what you've got, in my view.


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