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    Backing up a network drive
    I am moving a major portion of my files from my MBP to an external drive that will be attached to my Airport router, so that I can access the files from anywhere in the house as well as from any other computer, whether or not my laptop is on.

    I regularly back up my computers to external drives using both Time Machine and Super Duper (maybe overkill, but rather safe than sorry when it comes to my files). Can I use Time Machine to back up the networked drive to another external drive, or will I have to resort to Super Duper or some other means?

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    The following instructions were for Leopard but are the same for Snow Leopard and Lion: LINK

    Having backup redundancy is a good thing. I do the same as you only I use Carbon Copy Cloner instead of SuperDuper.

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    Thanks! I am reading over the information now. Will get back with how it all works.

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    I have an external drive attached to my Time Capsule. The Time Machine backup os stored on that external drive. Of course it stores the information in a sparse bundle file.

    The only issue I have had is that once in a while I have to disconnect the drive and attach it direct to my Mac. This allows me yo check the drive for errors using Disk Utility.
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