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    Downgrading to Snow Leopard on a Partition 2
    If I may defend myself from the end of my last thread which was suddenly closed:

    I found the two install discs which I had buried with other stuff, and I was mistaken that they were not included. Moderators: I do not appreciate having my thread closed in that manner, and I will be taking my mac inquiries elsewhere.

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    You know very well why your other thread was closed:

    So anyway, I had Snow Leopard and updated to Lion, but since Apple took Snow Leopard out of the app store, I downloaded a copy of it from elsewhere, and it is mountable on a flash drive.
    We will not tolerate talk about illegal activities. You obviously have not read through our guidelines quoted here for you to read now:

    Respect copyrights and the law.

    Don’t discuss or conduct content theft or any other illegal activity. Period. We follow U.S. law on the forums, so just because something might be legal in your country doesn’t mean it will be allowed here. If you’re ever in doubt, contact one of the moderators before you post.

    If you wish to go elsewhere, that's up to you. But if you decide to continue to post in our forums we ask that you abide by the guidelines.

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