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    Power PC G5 - upgrade to latest OS?
    I have a Power Mac G5 with Power PC processor, currently running OS 10.4.11.

    What is the latest OS I can upgrade to? I think it's 10.5 isn't it, with 10.6 dropping support for Power PCs?

    I'm having trouble with Firefox and Flash Player saying I need to upgrade my OS. Is an upgrade to 10.5 going to solve these problems?

    Or should I be thinking about upgrading my whole set up now for futureproofing?


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    10.5 Leopard. 10.6 Snow Leopard is Intel Only.

    You will find that a retail 10.5 will cost quite a lot. Check Ebay.

    Leopard might solve that issue for now but you should look in getting an Intel Mac ASAP as things are changing all the time.

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    hmm, thought as much.
    thanks for the advice (even if I don't like it!)

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