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    Quick Play
    On my sound files there used to be a quick play option, play button where I could listen to the sound file in the finder window.

    All I have now is the sound file icon. I can listen via quick play but this means opening the quick play window.

    I'd just like to quick on the play button on the icon like I used to. Any ideas how to get this back?

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    Well, you can select any file and then hit the space bar to quick play.

    But if you want to add the "Quick Look" button back (and that's what it's actually called, despite the fact that you're not really "looking", but listening), you can do so by customizing your toolbar in Finder. Go to View => Customize Toolbar. Then you can drag and drop the "Quick Look" icon back to your toolbar:

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    thanks for that. I have that but there used to be a little play button on the actual icon where I could click and play without opening the quick look box.

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