I have Entourage 2008 Version 12.3.3. About 3 days ago, my sent mail stopped showing up in my sent folder. it shows on my office's server and if I want, I can see them on my cell phone, too, but just not in the Sent Folder. They are definitiely being sent as I do get replies and they show up fine in my Inbox.

If I do a search for the identity of a known recipient, it'll show then, but not when I go back to the whole look at the Sent Folder.

I've done a repair and emptied the cache.

I was having some office issues with fonts during this same time and it's possible I could've changed some kind of a setting but it was on my office PC not on my laptop which is where the Entourage '08 is.

Any ideas what could've happened or what I need to do? I've looked at the folder properties and it does say it will save them to the sent folder.

thank you all so much