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    Issues installing SSD in MBP

    I have a 2009 MacBook Pro, the original hard drive failed so I decided to pick up an SSD (crucial M4 128gb) since they're cheap(ish) now. It's in the laptop now but I'm having problems installing OS X on it.

    I'm running on the original start up disk (leopard, I have the snow leopard disk too but I'm told that since snow leopard is built on leopard I need to install leopard first). When I get to `select the disk where you want to install OS X' nothing shows up. It just says `examining available disks...' forever.

    Going into the disk utility the SSD still doesn't show up at all. Interestingly the system profiler does have it listed in SATA, so I'm pretty sure it's in properly.

    Is this the wrong way to go about things? Have I forgotten to format the SSD or something important?


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    The SSD should show up in Disk Utility whether or not it's formatted. However, you do have to format it first before installing OS X. And, you can install Leopard first as it is not needed in order to install Snow Leopard. The problem with installing Snow Leopard first is that you will not have access to iLife. So if you need iLife, install Leopard and then Snow Leopard.

    Make sure you've connected everything and that the SSD is seated properly in the cavity and snugly on the SATA connector.

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    Thankyou. I've had it open again and made sure everything is in good and snug, but no change. The System Profiler does list it in SATA so it has been recognised; it just isn't coming up in the Disk Utility. Can you think of any other reasons atall that might happen?

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    could you find the ssd in the finder dock ? click on it, see if you can find it on the left panel.
    If not the ssd drive is defective.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by the finder dock, I'm running off the startup disk, all I have access to is the disk utility and not much else. It's looking like I will have to send the SSD back.

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    These seem to be exactly the same issues I'm having. I'm becoming convinced I might need a new SATA cable.

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