Hey, can anyone help me? A few weeks ago i opened up Safari and there was an error message saying something about extensions not working, and then I realised they had all been uninstalled. When I try and reinstall them it says "An error occurred while installing the extension “_____________”.

This happens with ALL extensions, even those from the Apple website. This is really frustrating me, as I use extensions a lot. I've tried emptying caches and history and website data and anything else I can lay hands on. I've reinstalled Safari, and then deleted all the preference files individually and reinstalled Safari again but nothing makes a difference.

I've also noticed recently that whenever I try to access a secure webpage (starting with https://) I get a box saying "Safari can't identify the identity of the website "__________". This has never happened before and it is even triggered by parts of Apple's own website.

I can't tell if the two problems are linked, but they are both very irritating and any help would be much appreciated.


P.S. I'm on a MacBook Pro with Lion version 10.7.4 (latest) and Safari 5.1.7 (latest).