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    DVD Drive out, Need USB installer made on PC
    My HD burned out on my MacBook Pro so I had to get a new one. Now that I got my new HD installed my DVD drive wont work either. So installing OS X that way is out of the question. Now I need to know if I can create a USB installer using one of my external HDs on WIN 7. Ive tried a few things so far an none have worked. Right now I am in the process of burning an image of snow leopard onto my external using TransMac, Ive tried a couple other programs and few other images but none have worked so far. The last one I tried I actually got it to show up when holding the option key on boot instead of the normal folder with "?" but when I clicked to boot in stayed stuck on the apple logo for ever and eventually I powered down. Any ideas if this is even possible. Nearest apple store is an hour and a half away. That is my last resort. Thanks.

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    The easiest solution is to buy an inexpensive external USB optical drive and use it to install Snow Leopard. I've seen them in Best Buy and on the web for as little as $29.95. Or, if you have access to another Mac and both have a FW port, you can use Target Disk Mode to install from the Mac with the good drive to the one with the bad drive.

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