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    Question Random website downloads when clicking on common links in Safari
    Recently, on occasion, my Safari will download a webpage when I click on a link instead of directing me to the page. For instance, I wanted to watch a Youtube video, so I clicked on a search result (already on the Youtube site) and my downloads window came up and downloaded "watch.html" which I later discovered that every video on youtube has its own "watch.html". Also, when I registered for the Forums here today, it downloaded two files: "showthread.php.html" and "register.php.html". Does anyone have any ideas as to why this happens? It occurs randomly in short happenings. Any help is much appreciated!

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    Are you pressing down the Option key at any point? This will cause you to download the link, not access it. I do it from time to time myself, missing the command key.

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    No, I couldn't be hitting the Option key because I use a wireless USB mouse instead of the trackpad most of the time. When it does happen, it almost feels like the computer lags for a few seconds like it's processing something, but there aren't any other applications open to manage other than Finder and Safari–Safari being the only open window.

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    Ever find a resolution to this problem?
    I was wondering if you ever found the cause or a resolution to this problem? I am having the exact same issue and it is incredibly frustrating. Would love to know what is causing it and how to fix it.

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    He didn't report back (I hate it when they don't report back) from a year ago, but chances are likely that his wireless USB mouse had a "middle click" set to simulate an "alt-click," which on a PC would be like a right-click but on a Mac is like and option-click and so was indeed downloading websites. This is just a guess however.

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