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Thread: Macbook clipboard history?

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    Macbook clipboard history?
    Hi everyone
    does anyone know how can I restore clipboard history in macbook. On monday I was working on my project and I copied codes and paste it in text file , but I resized that I didn't save the file and now I need to find way to restore all clipboard history form the past 7 or 9 days .. do you know how can I do that ... is there app that can help me restore history or is there any way I can restore clipboard history using terminal

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    Nope, it only ever existed in RAM. No way to restore non-committed memory.
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    This will not help you now, as whatever you had saved is now gone. But it may be of use in the future.
    You can set how many items it will save (Like 2,000 items spit into groups of 5).
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    I personally would suggest Quicksilver, arguably one of the most versatile utilities available on Macs. It includes a clipboard manager and does a mighty whole load of other things.
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