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Thread: Problem with pages

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    Problem with pages
    I just bought Pages for my Mac. I've had my Mac since 2009 and I'm familiar with the ins and outs of it.

    I started with a blank document after watching the video tutorial and decided to build my own resume. It is extremely irritating that some of my text is brought down to the next line even though there's enough space for it. I've increased the margins and the spaces at the top, but my text is constantly brought down.


    [space] Leadership

    Then, there will be huge gaps between words on the same line! Even though there's enough space for it to fit normally.


    Fluent in English and [huge space] French

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    I usually see this sort of thing when people use SPACES to format type so it "lines up" instead of properly setting TABS. Very, very, very common problem in Word.

    Turn on "see invisibles" in Pages and see if thats the problem.

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