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    Exclamation Disk repair utility during reinstall doesn't work!
    My white 13" MacBook has been freezing constantly for two days. I did the disk repair thing by holding c on startup and running it from there. At which point, it says it's repaired but then when the system restarts its now broken again. I've reset pram, SMC, fscked and mounted and even did the /.~trash. I have no idea what to do now please help!

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    Sounds like your hard drive is beginning to expire. Update your backups and replace it.

    Or to put this another way:

    What happens if you boot from your bootable clone backup and run the machine from there? Same problems? No problems?

    (if you don't have a bootable clone backup, it would be a good idea to make one for this purpose. You'll need an external drive -- not the Time Machine drive, a different one -- and a free copy of Carbon Copy Cloner on your boot disk.)

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