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    Bootable USB snow leopard ****!
    Hey guys Im trying to make a Bootable USB snow leopard, so I can upgrade my MacBook with a broken super drive........but having ZERO luck!

    Have my DMG of Mac.OS.X.10.6.3.Retail and go into Disk Utility to restore it to the USB stick (32GB formatted to Mac Journalled). but when I try and restore I get a pop up saying:

    "Unable to attach "Mac.OS.X.10.6.3.Retail.dmg".(no mountable file systems)"

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    I am sorry to be suspicious, but a file name like Mac.OS.X.10.6.3.Retail.dmg sound like you have downloaded a torrent

    Buy the retail disk and get a friend to create the USB stick, all you have to do is make sure the usb stick is partitioned to OSX journaled with a GUID partition table (that's in the partition options button)
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    It is a downloaded torrent, as I said before I don't have a working CD drive.....and I don't know any other mac users in person.

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